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April 4, 2014

Helping people with a job application is not something I do. Unless you accidentally send it to me when asking your friends to review your cover letter before applying to be president of a bank. Especially if the email ends, "Constructive not your usual Tom. Thanks." This exchange is about a year old now so I don't think it's going to do anyone any harm (though I'm sad to report it looks like my help wasn't enough assuming the Management section of the web site is kept up).

The first thing I'd say is sending this to the wrong tclancy does not bespeak great attention to detail. Moving forward from there:

And I got a nice response:

Tom, if I can call you by your first name, you have inspired me to be a better man and given me hope as an underachiever. I have rarely been presented with a hard hitting, constructive critique of any of my presentations let alone a draft meant for someone else. I thank you for taking the time and opening my eyes to several of my weaknesses although, being reflective, I do believe I have my ego in check and I do want to improve where needed. Never have I had someone as articulate and creative comment on my work, writing or needs improvement areas and given that you are a complete stranger the whole experience is that much more unique. So, thanks again for your comments as they are impressive beyond this layman's capabilities. You definitely made the real Tom proud although a very impressive "peanut gallery" sound bite guy in his own right. I wish you well and I will hopefully mistakenly run other materials by you in the future.

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