June 12, 2013

Don't do this:

The gap between Chicago's anthem singer and Rene Rancourt is damn hilarious. Best vs worst.

— Andrew Berkshire (@AndrewBerkshire) June 13, 2013

At best, it says, "I've been drinking". At worst, it just looks stupid. Rene Rancourt is a thing— if you're from New England, he's perfect. If you're not, I guess he's annoying. Regardless, there are 30 teams and I'm assuming the author could name about . . . well, let's be generous and say 3 arena singers. Of the other 27 arenas, some probably don't have a regular singer and the rest are average. Unless you're a combo opera teacher and hockey fan (one assumes the Venn Diagram covers Wagner fans pretty well), bitching about the other team's anthem singer is digging for something to bitch about. Just try to be classy, e.g.,

Regardless, Rene will always have this:

Also: 1-0.

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