The Next 25 Years

September 25, 2013

As befits what was an all-male school, the highlight of my 20th high school reunion occurred in the men's room near the end of the night (with a conversation at the urinals).

Him: "What brings you here?"

Me [assuming he meant something other than the free bar bladder emergency]: "Class of '93."

Him: "'68. We did pretty well: 42 of us graduated, 39 survive, 17 showed up."

Me: "We only had 5."

Him: "Yeah, it goes in cycles, once you get old enough they start coming back. It's nice: 45 years and 0 personal growth. They're all still bitching about the same things."

Me: "Well, you've given me something to shoot for, even the littlest bit of personal growth in 25 years."

It's one of the few times in life I wished I had a business card, so I could hand it over and ask, "Can we be besties?"

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