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This is a strange one to talk about: Rivermill at Dover Landing is an event facility I started as a side business with my wife and three friends. One of the challenges of a side business, especially in a service industry, is to make sure it does not look or feel like a side business. I think the Rivermill web site does a good job of that: thanks to a fantastic design from Microarts (then Lightfin Studios), it looks like a world-class business. 

The applications behind the site help it run like one: we have a contact management system based on Django contacts, but custmized to allow us to track vendors and inquiries from the site. Each inquiry is parsed to see if we can answer the user's queston right away, inserting answers into the Thank You screen as needed. The inquiries create a contact in our CRM and generate an email to our administrators which invites them to set up a tour with the prospective client. Tours show up on private iCal feeds so we can follow them in Google Calendar, our phones, etc. Events are tracked similarly and also have their own calendar.

We have a task tracking application that makes sure we're following through on what needs to be done. Because it's easy to let things slide when you're working two jobs, the system bugs us mercilessly once tasks are overdue. Tasks can be added by hand or by pasting in notes from our company meetings: I parse them for a certain format and create new tasks as needed.

The site also includes less-used but standard tools like an FAQ engine, blog tool and a shopping cart based on Satchmo. We also care about our mobile users and present a different experience for them: rather than focussing as much on pretty pages, the mobile experience tries to provide the things you need on the day of an event, one "click" away.

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