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In the grind of writing content for a portfolio, this one stands out as an enjoyable look back. The project started as a freelance job given to me by a fellow designer at PixelMEDIA in 2004. While we've added entire sections to the site, added and removed tools and completely rebuilt the homepage, the site you see today is essentially the same site we built 6 years ago. You'll say there are too many CSS classes, redundant HTML elements and the image-based navigation is old-school now, but it's hard to imagine many other sites of the same vintage looking and working as well as this one. There are people dispensing web development advice on forums right now that weren't in high school when this site went live. Of course, much of the credit for the site's longevity is due to its designer; While it's nice the HTML looks up-to-date, the site would have been rebuilt years ago if it weren't for the design. Usually it's easy to look at a site and peg when it was built within a year or two. This design resists that.

We added download tracking in 2007, a new navigation section in 2008 and rebuilt the homepage in 2009. The new homepage uses a custom-built jQuery carousel to allow imageXpert to feature a number of solutions without using up too much screen real estate.

This site is close to my ideal client relationship: build a lasting foundation and then add on as the company grows and evolves. The only downside to a site this long-lasting is trying to remember how things work: it's built in ASP and talks to an Access database that powered the previous site. That's not a combination I work with very often any more. Those aren't individual technologies I work with very often any more. Thankfully someone managed to leave a lot of comments behind in the code, probably because he was fairly new to ASP when this was built.

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