Recent Projects

Broker Information Site

Private web site that brings encrypted XML data about funds into Expression Engine which displays the information in HTML and PDF formats. more →

My Party Label Order Form

Turned manual email order process into an online form. more →

Quincy Pond Printworks

Helped Lightfin integrate a new site design with a Miva shopping cart. more →

Website and Bullhorn API Integration

A new website including integration with Bullhorn, a job search database. more →

Marketconnector Business Community

Social network for New England businesses built in PHP on Social Engine. more →

W3C Print CSS Testing

Sponsored by HP, I worked with the W3C to create tests so browser/ user-agent programmers can make sure their code conforms to CSS2.1 and CSS3 Print standards. more →

Denimrack Website Overhaul

Updated an existing X-Cart-powered ecommerce site to improve usability, correct bugs on the front-end and add reporting to the administrative tools. more →

Piscataqua Savings Bank Website

New Hampshire bank website with tools to manage loan and deposit products and rate display. to manage more →

Yahoo! Buzz Evaluation

Reviewed the beta version of Yahoo! Buzz to evaluate the possibility of building widgets for it. more →