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My Name is Crew

I am posting this because I need to keep track of these things. Dreamt last night Michelle and I put on a community event centered around the retirement of some guy that had been a social worker all his life. After the dance crew came off the stage, there was a PowerPoint presentation of his life that I put together (each slide featured an allegorical photo of a raven) and a country music song. All I remember is:

My name is Crew
My name is Crew
Saving kids is kinda what I do
[a capella]Leading them away from a path of self-destruction . . .

And so on. The ravens were a result of watching a David Attenborough documentary last night and Michelle points out "kinda what I do" is a phrase that Bill Burr repeated in the stand-up show we watched again last night. So that explains a bit of it, but I still don't get where these dreams with original music come from. I must be choking off my creative brain during waking hours. Earlier this week I'd dreamt my friend had walked into a convenience store and declaimed a filthy sonnet in perfect ABAB rhyme scheme explaining why he needed to buy the New York Times Sunday Magazine and not the whole paper.


Dreams They Complicate My Life

Had one of those constant dreams nights which I take as indicative of good sleep, though I was awoken by my iPod once. I've been listening to the over-my-head In Our Time podcast because, whether it's terribly interesting or terribly boring, it makes me terribly sleepy. It was off-putting to wake up hearing a stranger in a dark room speaking of the Fall of Carthage. The highlights:

  1. Falls into what I would call the "Tetris Dream" category, when you've become a little too interested in something: had a dream where I was in a field hospital somewhere in the jungle watching a TV report, hosted by @leolaporte about Canadian Twitterers, whom he referred to as "C-itters". I'd really hoped we were beyond that kind of prejudice in 2009.
  2. I was a amateur anti-mob sniper, recruited for the job by a rogue government agent who's ex-girlfriend I was dating (she was also recruited for the cause; for the record, I'm pretty sure it was this woman from Numb3rs). I was up in our hotel room[1] with my assignment in my sights when I noticed the Mob's snipers hanging out of the hotel window right next to me. Jumping back out of the window, I went to inventory the guns and ammunition I'd been left when the treachery became clear: the case had almost no bullets (but plenty AA batteries, the guns being electric). To heighten the stress of the moment, the cleaning crew started coming around the halls.
  3. To cap the evening, I got another go at my newest recurring dream. Since my Mom died, I've been having this strange cartographic dream where I try to map out the city of Newport[2] from a boat. It never works, the boat sinks and whatever I'm looking for goes unfound. I could probably save this dream-self a lot of time if he'd give me a whack at his map.

[1] We'd gotten to the point in our relationship where we were not only comfortable sharing a hotel room, we could interrupt a vacation to gun down mobsters without any negative effect on our relationship
[2] More accurately, the whole of Aquidneck Island, as I think last time I wound up in Portsmouth under the Mount Hope Bridge.