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Retro Done Rite

Justice - DVNO [NEW]
by PeteRock


I can see where this would make a person suicidal. For the last few weeks, I've felt I must have shirked my duties this winter. Judging by the driveways, the house, the road, winter has been winning. We've spent the last two weekends trying to dig out the storm drain; what few drains are block has are connected by pipe apparently underwhelming in diameter, so having a drain just past the driveway feels like a responsibility. Instead, it currently sits under a mound of snow and what has to be three inches of solid ice. The whole thing seemed irresponsible: what had happened in a year that I went from being able to keep everything snow-free to being nearly buried? It wasn't a lack of shoveling. The skin on my hands is my skin from 40 years from now. It would take the most romantic of poets to call it rough hewn. It's cracked, brittle, old. Did the effort drop to old man quality as well?

No. Nothing happened to me. Last year we had two feet of snow at this point. Now we have nine. My favorite Ask Metafilter comment of the season, non-crazy division, was this:

"if it's still below freezing, tie a thread to the end of the icicle and anchor directly below so the drips travel down the line, and it'll quickly form a solid column of ice from your eaves to the ground."

Do they need encouraging? Around here they do that on their own, except, requiring three to four inches of diameter to make the twenty foot trip from eave to ground, gravity comes calling around ten feet and sends the icicle to the ground a bit more quickly than anticipated. Screw you, winter. You can kill me when I'm older.

How Do I Justify a Tablet as a Business Expense?

Needs an iPhone version.


Bug Light thought they could get away with this during the Super Bowl?

Kottke on Rent Parties

What do we lose if we always consume and never produce? Alternatively, will blogging make better writers?

No Dreamcatchers Either

You never see a good personalized plate on a hearse. Sure you'll see the occasional plate with the company name and a number, keeping you apprised of how many cars they have in their death fleet, but you never see something like "CU L8R". Just give me the driver's nickname or something. "FUZZY". I'd like that.


Childhood Disappointment

That the words above Jesus' cross did not indicate the incident took place in Rhode Island. I'm not sure why I thought this would have been a plus.

Doubly Impressed

I've been playing around with MusicIP Mixer based on Chris' recommendation. After getting through the "Oh my word, this is sucking up all the processing power of this monstrous computer" while it indexes and "validates" your music, it does a really interesting job, finding similar songs across all sorts of genres, albums, artists. In trying to share this wonderful news with the world, I exported one of the playlists, but iTunes just dumps it out as a tab-delimited text file. There's not much I can do with a file like that on this machine; because Google Docs has gotten so good, I haven't bothered to dig out a copy of MS Office. So I threw it into Google Spreadsheets to see what would happen. Bastards auto-magically imported it into a perfectly formatted spreadsheet without that interim Excel step where you do the machine's job and say what it's delineated with, if there are headings, etc.

Unlike Google, MusicIP isn't perfect yet. It brings in more of the exact same artist/ album than I'd like. It has a slight case of feature-itis: I don't need to play the songs in it, I don't need another MP3 tagging solution (and I'm guessing most of the target audience already has an incredibly anal tagging plan* in place). And I'd like to be able to pass it multiple songs from different artists, but that's just me thinking as a person. How the hell does the machine know what x songs have it common? That's what it's supposed to be doing for me. Watch it take over my sonic life.

* Apologies to anyone with a non-music incredible anal tagging plan.

Oh Google Ads

you don't know me as well as you think.


It doesn't bubble up to consciousness very often, but Christ I worry I'm forgetting something. Every day I'm going to forget the permission slip and have to slog through a phonics workbook while everyone else goes to the Museum of Science. It probably drives being anal retentive; if everything's put away, no way to miss what needs doing. I mention this because the driveway's threatening to wash away and there must have been a Saturday in June I could have prevented this but sat on the porch drinking beer instead.

To future self: continue to buy high-quality beer to justify this sort of thing.