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Holden+ C64 = Love

SXSW Music Torrent

Literally. Somehow in the course of a year, the online music sampler from SXSW went from 60 songs to 48 hours of songs, so I'd given up hope of finding anything new from this year's SXSW. Fortunately for me, Paul Ford was willing to step in and act as a filter. All via his 6-word limit Twitter feed.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Remember that movie where Clint Eastwood plays a fighter pilot? Yeah, me neither:

It even inspired a decent comment on YouTube:

. . . it's fun to pretend he's playing the same character as in Firefox. Why wouldn't they give the job of stealing a Soviet superplane to the man who won an air war against a giant spider?


UPS letting me know my Rock Band pedal is out for delivery even though EA claims it still hasn't shipped + a slab of Grateful Dead tracks. Along the same lines, this story made me smile as well, though I wonder if such a manager ever existed. It's a great approach to teamwork that applies regardless of discipline.

Rock Band Track Production

Interesting to me for the bits they discovered in well-known songs' master tracks:

Even a seminal punk band like the Clash yielded some surprises. Even wonder why the drums sound so good on “I Fought the Law”? Because there’s two drummers on it (or more likely, drummer Topper Headon recorded his part twice)—something that became clear when Brosius picked the mix apart. Thus, the drum parts you play in Rock band are a composite of those two original drum tracks. The Spanish backup vocals that you’re used to hearing on the middle verse of “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” originally ran through the whole song; and the parts are still there on the tapes—You can hear a little more of the Spanish bits on Rock Band than you can on the record


Heard on the Internet Today

"Ah, autism. I miss the days of Sparta, where kids like that would be left on a mountain until something comes along and eats them. Now we have to take care of the droolers instead."

Congrats on living so long in spite of your winning personality. Of course, why I was expecting a higher level of discourse on a video game board is even more confusing than how someone in 2008 AD misses ancient Sparta.


The Expense of Developing an Electric Car

must be high, because even GM couldn't afford real celebrities for this Volt event.

That Was Quick

Once wins Best Original Song at the Oscars last night (here's the song in the movie) and today the soundtrack is the best overall selling album at Amazon. Cool. I still wish he didn't always go to the falsetto when he needed something extra.

New Pornographers Video

This might be enough for me to forgive them for what they did to me in Rock Band with "Electric Version".

New Mountain Goats Album

Streamed here. Join me in crushing their servers, won't you? That video still weirds me out. At least it's a semi-original spin on the Dylan ripoff.