Not much changed from last week, mainly working to push the social networking site out the door (while working on a proposal for another Django/ Pinax project). This week did mark the first time I actually got a Fabric script working (not that it's hard, just that my heart hadn't been in it before now). The script isn't amazing, it just connects to the server, grabs the most recent source code and runs a couple of commands to restart the server, but it does it all without me having to leave the local command line and none of it happens if the unit tests don't pass. The unit test bit is handy because other team members are willing to make the trade-off of sitting through the tests for the convenience of the automated deployment. I like Fabric enough already that I'm searching around for other problems I can solve with it.

Had an unhappy start to the end of the week when a live Django  site started barfing this morning. It wouldn't load any pages and kept complaining about too many MySQL connections, even when requesting static files. Waiting to hear back from the host to see if they have any insight, but I made some changes that seemed to solve the problem. From the logs, it looked like the site was being indexed by one or more search engines that were still looking for the old URLs. Our 404 page was dynamic and ran some queries to render the page. I changed it to a purely static template and the load cooled down. With some rewrite rules for the old URLs and some additional page caching, things should be ok.