This is the first in what promise to be a number of "Stupid Django Tricks" where the "stupid" is me and not Django. I was having a good deal of trouble creating unit tests for authenticated views (i.e., pages that require a user to be logged in) for the Pinax project I've been working on. I dug up two problems, one of which is on Pinax and one that's entirely on me:

  1. Pinax's file does not provide a setting for AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS, so the test client's login method doesn't know how to log your user in. Specify "AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ('django.contrib.auth.backends.ModelBackend',)" in your settings file. Actually, I lied. That's the default value for the setting; having gone back and re-run my tests without it specified, everything works, which means the only idiot here is the guy who . . .
  2. Don't create users by specifying the password directly in the declaration (e.g., user = User(username='Dummy', password='goodluck')). Use the set_password() User method to properly set the password.

I've run into a fair number of issues working in Django where Google wasn't helpful. I think 90% of those issues were because no one else was dumb enough to make such an obvious mistake. The other 10% were typos.