Bob Montgomery is doing the color for today's Red Sox game and I can't figure out how to feel about it. Monty and the late Ned Martin were the voice of the Red Sox (on WSBK TV38) when I was growing up and it's strangely transporting to hear him again. He's done some Pawsox games, but it's hearing him back, like Jake Taylor (a fellow catcher) getting one last chance with the parent club. And it's like he's never left: same dulcet tones, knows the team, not a sign of age (unless you get a look at the tombstone of a gut he's developed in retirement).

It wasn't until about year 3 of the Don Orsillo Experience that I realized I'd seriously undervalued Sean McDonough. Orsillo is fine, but he's a generic Connecticut School of Broadcasting voice. Close your eyes and he could be talking about the Kansas City Royals. Sean McDonough's only sin for me (beyond the too-goofy adulation of Remy) was not being Ned Martin. Hearing Monty makes me feel like I'm ten, I've got a whole summer in front of me and there's nothing to worry about for the foreseeable future*. And that shit will get you killed.

* Of course, there were no World Series wins back then either