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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-09

  • @jeckman sounds like you're Whiteboard Bound. #
  • The best part of the recent high fructose corn syrup marketing campaign is I imagine I'm paying for it as a taxpayer. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-08

  • if you're gonna "Hack the DEBATE!!!" on #current, maybe double-check spelling and yo gramma. #
  • My friends, McCain must have spent all his debate prep on that mic-hand-swap punctuation move #debate08 #
  • Also, does McCain think he's running for King of Sparta? Glory, respect, victory, etc. Fuck a concept. #debate08 #
  • Wait, we knocked the Russians out of Afghanistan with a little help? And the Taliban was there before the Russians? #debate08 #
  • Worst joke ever, grampa. What was the punchline? #debate08 #
  • Just so I'm clear: McCain's father was the admiral in charge of US gov't bowel movements? #debate08 #
  • If The Wire were still on, what would be the brand name drug right now? "High Risk", "Bailout"? "Credit Default Swap" is too much a mouthful #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-07

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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-04

  • I dump Wes Brown and the next week he scores just to spite me. Bastard. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-03

  • "John McCain has already tapped me"!!! #factcheck #
  • "I would change the tone in Washington with partisan rhetoric!" Also: YOUR FAMILY != NATIONAL GOV'T #
  • @leroy77 try The Old 97's earlier stuff (it becomes pure pop by Satellite Rides, but it's still great up through that). Also: Uncle Tupelo. #
  • @leroy77 Whiskeytown (RA's old band), Son Volt, Bobby Bare Jr, Jay Farrar, Lambchop, Patty Hurst Shifter, Drag the River. K, stopping now #
  • For a second there, I thought the Pats' season got exciting (, but Mike Reiss cooled me down.h ttp:// #
  • Loving the Checkpoint section of the NYT's interactive debate page: #
  • Like an SUV driver, dog just gassed and left. #
  • Anyone have advice on quieting a super-noisy hard drive (in a Mac Pro Tower FWIW)? #
  • Freaked out Palin's malapropism was referencing a Civil War general ( Hope they're teaching her Social studies. #

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Friday's Misguided Economics Question

"A recent study by the Cato Institute, a right-wing think-tank, found that the federal government spent some $92 billion subsidising business in 2006 alone."

It's been a popular line recently, but when did we turn into a socialist country? US car makers are asking for $50 billion in subsidies to be able to meet "tougher" fuel efficiency standards, then turning around and paying lobbyists to try to overturn or delay those standards. Given globalization, I'm at a loss for why I should be funding shittily-run companies. Show me the error in my math here when someone buys a Japanese car that was built in this country,

  • car sale puts money in the pocket of the salesman and the dealer
  • car's fuel efficiency puts money in the pocket of the owner
  • profits after dealer's cut go back to Japan into the coffers of a publicly-traded company anyone in the world can invest in
  • US shareholders of that company get profits in their pocket

Why should we, as a country, be loyal to a company simply because they started here a hundred years ago? They'd move somewhere else tomorrow if it would make them money. That's capitalism. If they're not efficient and can't compete, let them die. That's capitalism. Our economy won't shrivel up. It's not like there aren't Americans who would jump into the business if it were profitable. The car business seems to be an indicator of a country's standing in the world economy; your country sees car companies spring up as you enter the first world. Maybe once you're firmly established in the economy you move out of the car business into jobs that are more knowledge-based, less-cyclical, less dependent on physical labor and less polluting. Pollution, not in the sense of carbon emissions by cars but rather the effects of manufacturing affects the area you're in and that becomes a more expensive proposition as you establish a middle-class who doesn't want to live near smokestacks and electrical wires, so it becomes cheaper to move that elsewhere.

It's just a random thought, based on empirical evidence and not on any hard theory. But look at the trend in worldwide car manufacturers:

  • US, early 20th century
  • Japan, post-WWII
  • Korea, 1980s (I suppose we could throw Yugoslavia in here as well, but let's not)
  • India & China, now

Japan's a little different because much of their success was based around creating efficiencies in the manufacturing process and different management theories (which left British, Italian and French companies as regional players; only US manufacturers had the muscle to compete), but the rest of it is entirely a move to cheaper labor pools.

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-02

  • Squeeze this, ump</TawmyFromQuinzee> #
  • be nice if Lester gets that strike zone in the bottom of the inning #redsox #
  • TBS' graphics and info packages are sub-NESN quality. Box score and pitch history are no where near as good. And Eck's tan looks weaker. #
  • I know we're all excited about the Sox' newfound health, but can we at least consider s/Drew/Crisp, s/Lowell/Casey? #
  • @joshmillard Congrats. And yours is 2 years older than ours. I assume house problems is a logarithmic scale based on -years. #
  • Get the feeling Vladdy couldn't score from 1st on a triple. #
  • Upside to Lowell playing is he made a great play showing a target for Youk on Youk's great play. Youk & Casey probably don't do that #redsox #
  • If Ellsbury restricts his Superman act to the playoffs, well, I'm ok with that. #redsox #
  • Angels fans, leaving in the top of the 9th = Curse of the Sham fan o. #
  • Thought working for self meant sleeping in after playoff games. Stupid body/ stupid dog. #
  • "I said *don't* use this as a photo!" #
  • Pissed: sky opened up and I have to go rescue neighbor's dog and let him in + dog didn't really care to go in. Samaritan shit is getting old #
  • X-Cart, you're venturing into Intentionally Sucking territory: caching the wrong file as a template, injecting broken html *sometimes*. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-01

  • @leroy77 I was all excited until I got to the end of that craigslist post. Ruined by a bad Phil Collins ripoff that broke my heart. #
  • irony is taking food off the table of Bobby Sands' family: #
  • Let me just say "Ouch" for Neal Stephenson: #

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