• House still reeks of tomato soup from a crockpot recipe on Monday. Thinking of getting a skunk. #
  • Worst part of Mike Lowell's injury is it opens the door for me seeing an extra-inning Mike Timlin appearance. Hopefully past his bedtime. #
  • @jeckman I'm just here to ban spammers. Makes me feel like one of the girls from 'Clueless'. More than usual. #
  • Free Mountain Goats EP at http://satanicmessiah.com/ (pay by guilt, choose your donation level, etc.) #
  • @leahcreates you can try http://labs.unitinteractive.com/unitpngfix.php - might fix your issue. #
  • @zapnap Hail Satan. #
  • WTF? No more Cooz! http://is.gd/3Qc2 (keep your mind out of the gutter) #
  • Mountain Goats -> Motorhead. Still disappointed w/ @suchatreat for flunking out on 'Ace of Spaces' in Rockband. #
  • discovering stuff in the Hs in iTunes: Helio Sequence, Hieroglyphics. #

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