• if you're gonna "Hack the DEBATE!!!" on #current, maybe double-check spelling and yo gramma. #
  • My friends, McCain must have spent all his debate prep on that mic-hand-swap punctuation move #debate08 #
  • Also, does McCain think he's running for King of Sparta? Glory, respect, victory, etc. Fuck a concept. #debate08 #
  • Wait, we knocked the Russians out of Afghanistan with a little help? And the Taliban was there before the Russians? #debate08 #
  • Worst joke ever, grampa. What was the punchline? #debate08 #
  • Just so I'm clear: McCain's father was the admiral in charge of US gov't bowel movements? #debate08 #
  • If The Wire were still on, what would be the brand name drug right now? "High Risk", "Bailout"? "Credit Default Swap" is too much a mouthful #

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