• "John McCain has already tapped me"!!! #factcheck #
  • "I would change the tone in Washington with partisan rhetoric!" Also: YOUR FAMILY != NATIONAL GOV'T #
  • @leroy77 try The Old 97's earlier stuff (it becomes pure pop by Satellite Rides, but it's still great up through that). Also: Uncle Tupelo. #
  • @leroy77 Whiskeytown (RA's old band), Son Volt, Bobby Bare Jr, Jay Farrar, Lambchop, Patty Hurst Shifter, Drag the River. K, stopping now #
  • For a second there, I thought the Pats' season got exciting (http://is.gd/3ubf), but Mike Reiss cooled me down.h ttp://is.gd/3ubp #
  • Loving the Checkpoint section of the NYT's interactive debate page: http://is.gd/3u35 #
  • Like an SUV driver, dog just gassed and left. #
  • Anyone have advice on quieting a super-noisy hard drive (in a Mac Pro Tower FWIW)? #
  • Freaked out Palin's malapropism was referencing a Civil War general (http://is.gd/3urK). Hope they're teaching her Social studies. #

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