For a senior writer at the Globe, you sure manage to anchor the Bell Curve on the weekly notes columns. Scattered amongst the feel-good crap about players he likes and the baseless trade rumors, he managed to throw in a testable hypothesis: "[Pat] Burrell always has been overpaid - he's making $14 million this season in the final year of his contract - but has hit at least 20 homers in each of the last eight years". Not sure what 20 homers means; it's a pretty context-free observation. Burrell's OPS+ and salary from 2005 to present:

  • 128, $7,250,000
  • 122, $9,750,000
  • 127, $13,250,000
  • 155, $14,250,000

So he's been 20% better than league average (admittedly, that includes hitters at all positions, which is a bit deceptive, especially in the NL) and is now 50% better than average and he's "overpaid". I think there are better ways to spend $14 million in MLB salary money, but it's the last year of a back-loaded contract. Burrell doesn't quite make the top 25 salaries for 2008 and, looking at that list, there are worse ways to be spending that money. I don't remember what Burrell's misdeed was that made him a Bad Guy for out-of-town sportswriters, but I think the Globe could find better uses for their ink budget. Cafardo's always been overpaid.