But you knew that. One of the nice things about the Internet is the rise of what Charlie Stross calls the "lifelog", a searchable list of everything you ever thought and did, a permanent Friend Feed. I mention this because I was so damned right about the Celtics trade for Kevin Garnett.

"Weird, I don't really like it from the Celtics' perspective . . . Can't see the Celtics signing anyone for about 10 years . . . I'm done with Danny Ainge. This off-season has made it clear the Celtics' interest is in competing for entertainment dollars, not championships."

Stunningly, this isn't the dumbest thing I've ever said on Sportsfilter. That would be this:

"Roberts has a .335 career OBP; he's a leadoff hitter like Tony Womack's a leadoff hitter. I'm not down on the guy before he's played an inning, but no one needs a pinch runner."