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Upgrading Django
For the second time in a few years I've found myself doing a number of Django upgrades. It's a good thing: I'm happy the framework I chose to base most of my work on when I went ...more »

Debugging a Vue.js Error
I know it's been a while and I really should write more often, but this is just a quick one for Google to index in case it happens to someone else: I recently wrote my first [vue.js](https ...more »

Worst Pickup Line: A Play in One Act
INT - BEER STORE - DAY CREEPY GUY, a man in his late 50s in hiking shorts and an ankle brace is paying for a popsicle at a beer store at 10:30 in the morning with the change from what is ...more »

Exception Handling
I've been thinking about exception handling a lot recently. A., because I'm stultifying and B., because it's been a source of contention in the codebase I'm responsible for. I wrote some formal documentation last week to ...more »

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