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The Garrison City Should Lock From the Outside
At the beer store just before 3pm. I always get a little nervous when a car pulls in and someone from the backseat gets out. * DUI? * Underage driver? * Just plain crazy? Thankfully it was number three. After the young guy ...more »

Thoughts While Lowering a Crib
* I get why people with kids feel like they need a bigger house: I'm trying to adjust a crib _in situ_ and it feels like parallel parking a parade float in Rome * "No hon, I'll do it during ...more »

wxPython on OSX Mavericks with or without Homebrew
Just a short note for anyone else who runs into this nonsense: I could not get the current version of wxPython to install in a useful way using homebrew. `brew install wxmac --python --devel` to install into my Homebrew-controlled Python ...more »

Django Profiling Bug
I'm doing some work profiling a large Django application and I was running into this weird error when I tried to aggregate the stats with which comes with Django. It kept throwing `TypeError: zip argument #1 must ...more »

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