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It's My Party (now)
I'm trying really hard to take parenting magazines seriously, but they seem to be written for a demographic that straddles dense and insecure. The latest unsolicited offering from *Parents*— is apparently for people who don't already know ice ...more »

Résumé Rewrite Services
_Helping people with a job application is not something I do. Unless you accidentally send it to me when asking your friends to review your cover letter before applying to be president of a bank. Especially if the email ends ...more »

Fundraising: A Play in One Act
**INT - NIGHT - a fundraiser from University of Rochester calls TOM who has the phone on speaker while holding JOSIE. We join the call in progress . . .** * Caller: "Sir, no amount is too small." * Tom: "Well, I make like ten cents a ...more »

Checking on memcache's health
From time to time a client on WebFaction will experience a hiccup in their memcache process. It's not obvious at first unless the site is under heavy load (New Relic is a huge help in diagnosing the problem); this ...more »

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