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This is about an old coworker. A guy I was hired by and hired to stand in for. I spent a couple of weeks in the industry I have worked in for a couple of decades filling in for a ...more »

Handy Bit of Python Detective Kit
I'm working on ([yet another]( Django upgrade for a client and the project is old enough that it's affected by the structure changes in Django 1.4, compounded by some seriously custom ...more »

Autocomplete in Python Shell on Windows
Because I drive myself insane replicating this when I find I want autocomplete on Windows, here are the steps (as of January 2017 anyway): * `pip install pyreadline` * `pip install ipython[shell]` Except right now step 2 fails when installing `scandir ...more »

Dear Josie: On Weasel Words
Dear Josie, On the very off-chance I don't get a chance to barrage you about this a thousand times, here's a lesson on weasel words. Take a look at ![Mailer front](/static/thoughts/kelly-front.jpg) Always be suspicious ...more »

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